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The Dizzy World of Derpy Hooves by JoeyWaggoner

This piece is quite a brilliant demonstration of style, and it very keenly captures the type of humor that you're going for. The adorableness of it all is enough to make anyone who has surfed pony comics for a long time let out a well-deserved squee! The colors really pop and the angles really compliment the rounder bits in the piece, along with the great detail here. The eyes are what sells it though, as big and round as they are!

However, there are a few things here to be attentive to. Originality is marked low because I've seen about four other comics tackle the same theme. This one was the best though since it captured Derpy's personality, much moreso than people focusing on the dizzy eyes. The style also lends way to a lack of definition, such as Derpy's many arms in the 7th panel, lack of wing motion when she flies, and the Dizzitron in the 2nd-4th. Working more clearly on implying movement would benefit greatly. I think the best orchestrated panel would be the 6th, as you nailed expression and background absolutely perfectly for what you're showing. I salute you on this, and hope to see more in the future!
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